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Margarita Vicens de Morales

In 1976, Margarita Vicens de Morales, who has been the author of a series of news articles about the life of Maria Montez, undertakes an arduous investigation that allows her to get the authentic story of this extraordinary woman who incarnated like no other the fabulous personages of those Oriental fantasies that made us dream.

Firstly Margarita was well-known like exponent of the classic dance, obtaining great notoriety dancing solo. Later she gave classes of classic ballet for which she had been trained by professors of the Real Academy of London.

The author of the biography "Maria Montez: Su Vida" ("Maria Montez: Her Life"), who is the wife of Ambassador Dr. Manuel Morales Lama, has two works in preparation: "The History of the Classic Dance in Latin America" and a biography of Margarita Mora, Dominican, who conquered highest positions in the Mexican cinema, in the Forties.

With "Maria Montez: Su Vida", Margarita Vicens, in name of all her fellow citizens gives a deserved unique tribute to the Dominican woman who has managed to become a movie star in Hollywood and Europe, the very distinguished Maria Montez.


Margarita Vicens & her son Manuel Morales


In March of 1999, the text of the work "Maria Montez: Su Vida" was translated to French by the Latin Union, an international organism with seat in Paris.

Margarita Vicens also maintains the "Columna Gran Clase" (Great Class Column), about social norms that the magazine Ritmo Social of LISTIN DIARIO (a Dominican newspaper) publishes and has in preparation other two works: one on Social Norms, that gathers to a large extent texts of her column and the other is a novel titled "Del Oropel a la Gloria" ("From the Brass Foil to the Glory"), which is a contemporary story that has like central personage a prominent Latin American young woman who after conquering the sceptre of Queen of Beauty manages her yearning to enter to the European nobility by means of the marriage.


From the news article of LISTIN DIARIO on March 28, 1999 and from the book "Maria Montez: Su Vida", by Margarita Vicens de Morales.

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