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( 1924 - 1963 )

Sabu Dastagir was born in Karapur, Mysore, INDIA, on January 27th, 1924, beginning his movie career at the age of 13.

He was one of the most effective elements in the aventures of the couple Montez-Hall. In the beginning of the 50s, he left Hollywood for going to Europe. He had the good luck of playing along with Vittorio de Sica in BUONGIORNO, ELEFANTE!, filmed in Italy in 1952.

When he came back to the United States, he and his brother installed a furniture store but the business was a failure. Later he appeared, sporadically, in circus and TV shows. He came back to the movies in the 60s, his last appearance was in a movie of Walt Disney, A TIGER WALKS (1963).

He died a little bit after the making of this movie, due to a heart attack on December 2nd, 1963, in Chatsworth, California, USA.


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It's been a long time now, but I knew Sabu as a teen-ager. Your facts are correct in his biography. What I can add is that his brother's name was Shaik, and he was killed in a robbery of his furniture store. Sabu's agent was Joe Espitalier who lived in Escondido CA. He was known as "20% Joe" because he collected 20% instead of the usual 10%. This is not of great interest to today's public, but I was reminded of the days when I knew him.


Mysore Sabu: Meet India First Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame - By KARTHIK VENKATESH





01. Tiger Walks, A (1964) * As: Ram Singh

02. Rampage (1963) * As: Talib

03. Herrin der Welt - Teil I (1960) * As: Dr. Lin-Chor

04. Sabu and the Magic Ring (1957) * As: Sabu

05. Jaguar (1956)

06. Jungle Hell (1956) * As: Jungle Boy

07. Baghdad (1954)

08. Tesoro del Bengala, Il (1954) * As: Ainur

09. Black Panther, The (1953) * As: Himself

10. Buongiorno, elefante! (1952) * As: Sultan of Nagore

11. Savage Drums (1951) * As: Tipo

12. Song of India (1949) * As: Ramdar

13. Maneater of Kumaon (1948) * As: Narain

14. End of the River, The (1947) * As: Manoel

15. Black Narcissus (1947) * As: Young Prince

16. Tangier (1946) * As: Pepe

17. Cobra Woman (1944) * As: Kado

18. White Savage (1943) * As: Orano

19. Arabian Nights (1942) * As: Ali Ben Ali

20. Jungle Book (1942) * As: Mowgli

21. Thief of Bagdad, The (1940) * As: Abu

22. Drum, The (1938) * As: Principe Azim

23. Elephant Boy (1937) * As: Toomai


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