En Castellano


aka Thief of Venice, The (1952) U.S.A.

aka El Ladron de Venecia

(Drama, 1 hr 30 min, Black & White)

20th Century Fox / Sparta Films - ITALY


John Brahm


Maria Montez (As: Tina), Paul Christian (As: 2nd Lieutenant Lorenzo Cantarini), Massimo Serato (As: Scarpa The Inquisitor), Faye Marlowe (As: Francesca Disani), Aldo Silvani (As: Captain Von Storm), Louis Saltamerenda (As: Alfredo)


In this costume drama set in Venice in the Middle Ages, Christian plays a navy officer who takes to thieving in order to get the money to oppose the crafty political aims of Serato. Montez plays the tavern keeper who originally overhears Serato's scheming, and who, with the backing of a number of freed slaves, gives Christian the needed support to see that Serato is brought to justice. The authentic costumes, as well as the actual background of Venice, help to create the appropriate atmosphere.

The critics considered unanimously that Maria played the best performance of her whole career.

Maria asked to name her character Tina, because that's was the nickname of her daughter Maria Christina (Tina Aumont).

The movie was showed in the U.S.A. in 1952, a year after the tragic death of Montez.

IL LADRO DI VENEZIA (The Thief of Venice)
Dubbed in Italian
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