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Maria Montez

A Dominican Star

Her Gravesite

The grave of Maria Montez is at the Cemetery of Montparnasse

( 3, Boulevard Edgard - Quinet, 75014 Paris, France )

Because of the origin of her husband the grave of Montez is in the Jewish section of the cemetery. Maria Montez hid so well her real age that they wrote "1918-1951" instead of "1912-1951"

Special thanks to Phil Henry and Dietrich Linz for these pictures:

Mme. Jean-Pierre Aumont
(Maria Montez)



The death of Maria was like a personal bereavement for millions of people who did not know her. These tears, letters, and little bouquets on her tomb were not for a movie actress, but for a tender and generous and radiant woman. I left for New York with Maria-Christine. It was impossible for me to stay in that house. I also knew that my father, who adored Maria, would be needing us. For several weeks, Maria-Christine did not ask for any news about her mother. One day she told me that she did not love her anymore, and I suddenly understood that she believed Maria had abandoned her. I armed myself with all my courage and more or less told her the truth. Her reaction was both surprising and comforting. She sighed happily. Then, that is the reason Mama has not written. She added, We have got to write the Good Lord right away.

She dictated this letter to me:
Dear fine, good nice God, would you mind returning Mama? But if she is really well and you want to keep her, send us to heaven too, because we miss her a lot. And make sure Papa does not die before I do, because otherwise I will be alone. And make it always nice weather while we are in New York and not raining like today. It is Maria-Christina Aumont who signs this note for Mama, and do not lose it, God, until Mama is alive again. From the book Sun and Shadow by Jean-Pierre Aumont, pages 143-144.


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