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María Montez

Una Estrella Dominicana



Vivian Pérez

Luisa Peguero


Para ayudar a los colleccionistas, estamos en el proceso de compilar una lista de todos los libros, revistas y periódicos que tienen imágenes o informaciones de María Montez. Esta lista no es un recurso definitivo por lo cual estaremos siempre felices de saber sobre aquellas informaciones que no tenemos


Y Aquí Está La Lista:


Aumont, Jean-Pierre; L'Ile Heureuse - Comedie Farce en 3 Actes et 5 Tableaux; Paris Theatre- no.  51, Paris, 1950   (NOTE- this play was written by JP Aumont  and is dedicated to its star, Maria Montez, his wife. This book/magazine includes the entire text of the piece, photos and the cover.)


Aumont, Jean Pierre; Sun and Shadow; W. W. Norton & Company Inc.; New York, 1972


Aumont, Jean Pierre; DIS-MOI D’ABORD QUE TU M’AIMES...; Jade - Flammarian; Paris, 1986


Austin, John; Hollywood’s Unsolved Mysteries; Ace Publishing Corporation; New York, 1970


Arvelo, Alvaro hijo; La Atlántida de María; El Nacional; Sto. Domingo, República Dominicana; 27 de enero de 1991


Barbour, Alan G. ; A Thousand and One Delights; The Macmillan Company; New York, 1971      (NOTE- Montez in Cobra Woman on the cover, pages 1-13: "The King and Queen of Technicolor")


Barbour, Alan G.; Saturday Afternoon at the Movies; Bonanza Book; USA, 1986


Bergan, Ronald; The United Artists Story; Bonanza Book; USA, 1986


Bessy, Maurice & Chardon, Jean Lou; Dictionarie du Cinema et de la Television; tomo III, pg. 405; Jean-Jacques Pauvert Editeur; Paris, 1967


Blum, Daniel; A Pictorial History of the Talkies; G. P. Putnam’s Sons; USA, 1968


Boller Jr., Paul F & Davis, Ronald L.; Hollywood Anecdotes; Ballantine Books, New York, 1982


Boussinot, Roger; L’Encyclopedie du Cinema; Bordas; Paris, 1980


Cameron, Joan; Adventure and the Cinema; Sheridan Morley; Studio Vista; London 1974


Carrol, Sidney; Maria Montez Perpetual Emotion Beauty is Real Threat to Miss Lamour; Daily News, September 22, 1941, USA


Cassa, Anthony; Maria Montez, Hollywood Spitfire; Hollywood Studio Magazine, Vol. 14 #9, April 9, 1989, USA


Cazoria, Roberto; Maria Montez, Reina del Tecnicolor; El Nacional (Galería); Santo Domingo, 21 de septiembre de 1986


Centro Sperimental de Cinematografia; FilmLexicom Deghli Autori e Delle Opere; Edizioni di Bianco enero, vol, IV, Roma, 1980


Chaneles, Sol & Wolsky Albert; The Movie Makers; Octopus Books Limited, USA, 1974


Ciné Revue; 26 Année; #37; 13 Sept 1946 (Cover Page)


Cine-Roman - Le Magazine du Cinema, no. 224;  L'Atlantide;  Bruxelles; 18 septembre 1949  (NOTE- Montez in L'Atlantide on the cover, pages 1-16 include photos, as well as the narrative of the above mentioned, featured film)


Cisterna, Martha; Maria Montez Habla de su Vida; La Nación; Santo Domingo, 1944


Clase hijo, Pablo; Maria Montez: Mujer y Estrella; Editorial del Nordeste; Santo Domingo, 1985


Crichton, Kyle; Born to Act; Colliers, April 4, 1942, USA


Crichton, Kyle; It’s simple: If you’ve Got what it takes!; Readers’s Digest; July 1942, USA


Cuello López, Federico N.; Senderos de Barahona; Editora Vanessa; Santo Domingo; 1991


Clase hijo, Pablo; El Primer Playboy del Mundo; Editora Taller, Santo Domingo, 1986


Daranas, Mariano; Epistolario de María Montez; ABC, Madrid, 1951, Spain


De Carlo, Ivonne & Warren, Dong; Ivonne, An Autobiography; St. Martin’s Press; New York, 1971


Dickens, H.; María Montez; Films in Review, page 63, January 1963, USA


Diez de las Heras, Angel; Artista María Montez muere en Suresnes; El Caribe; Santo Domingo, Septiembre 8 de 1951


Doring, Richard & Rich, Charles; Maria Montez, Films in Review, March 1963, USA


Dwoskin, Stephen,; Film is. . .: The International Free Cinema; The Overlook Press, Wood Stash, New York, 1975


Enciclopedia Ilustrada del Cine; Editorial Labor S. A., Barcelona, 1970


Enciclopedia Dominicana S. A.; Public Reunidos, Santo Domingo, 1976


Enciclopedia del 7mo. Arte; Baru Lan S. A.; Imprenta Hispanoamericana, Mallorca 1974


Ferrua II, Giovanny; ¡María Montez no ha muerto!; Galería El Nacional; Santo Domingo, 18 de septiembre de 1991


Fered, Bill; Lure of the Tropics; Proteus Books, London 1988


Film & Filming; Pin-Up of the Past: Maria Montez; May 1972, USA


Fitzgerald, Michael G.; Universal Pictures; Arlington House Publishers; New York 1977


France Ilustration; Nécrologie: María Montez; Vol. 7: (Paris) September 22, 1951


Casca, Luis; Cine y Ciencia Ficción; Editorial Planeta S. A., Barcelona 1975


Casca, Luis; Las Estrellas: Historia del Cine en sus Mitos; Ediciones Urbión; Barcelona, 1991


Gebhart, Mirtle; Vivid Personality Success Secret of only Self Made Movie Star; 1943, USA


Gelman, Barbara; Photoplay Treasury; Grow Publishers Inc.; New York, 1972


Graham, Peter; Diccionario del Cine; Organización Editorial Navarro, México, 1969


Green, Marie Vernett; This Way to Charm; Screen Romances, 1943, USA


Hadley Garcia, George; Hispanic Hollywood; Carol Publishing Group, New York, 1990


Hall, Gladys; Me and Men by Maria Montez as told to Gladys Hall; Photoplay 1944, USA


Hall, Gladys; Reunion; Photoplay July 1945, page 27, USA


Halliwell, Leslie; The Filmgoer’s Companion; Macgibben and Kee; London, 1965


Hartung, Phillip T.; Arabian Nights; The Commonwealth, January 15, 1943, New York


Hartung, Phillip T.; Tangier; The Commonwealth, May 17, 1948, New York


Heide, Robert & Gilman, John; Starstruck, The Wonderful World; Doubleday & Company, New York, 1986


Herald Express; Fiery Latin Film Star, Drowns in Hot Bath; September 7, 1951, USA


Herrera, Héctor; María Montez, Figura Viviente; Listín Diario; Santo Domingo, 19 febrero 1970


Higham, Charles & Greemberg, Joel; Hollywood in the Forties; A. R. Bornes & Company, New York, 1968


Higham, Charles & Greemberg, Joel; Hollywood 1920-1970; A. S. Barnes & Company, New Jersey, 1977


Hirschborn, Cline; The Universal Story; Octopus Books, London 1983


Holliday, Kate; New Year in Review, New Film Starts Ascend To Fame, Some Old Ones Reappear; Page 21; Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, 1941, USA


Hopper, Hedda; There’s Nothing New in Maria Montez Method; the Sun Baltimore, February 13, 1944, USA


Hopper, Hedda; Aumont’s Life Pivots on Baby; Los Angeles Times, May 28, 1948


Johnson, Erskine; Maria Montez; Daily News; July 30, 1947, USA


Journal American; Know He’s Alive; Starlet Say’s of Missing Rai Flier, 1944, USA


Kael, Pauline; 5001 Nights at the Movies; Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1991


Katz, Ephrain; the Film Encilopedia; A Pedrigee book, the Putman Publishing Group; New York, 1979


Lamparski, Richard; Lamparski’s What ever Became of. . .?; Bantam Book, New York, 1976


Lasky Jr., Jack; What ever Happened to Hollywood; Funk & Wagnolls, New York 1975


Lebrón de Anico; María Montez; Listión Diario; Santo Domingo; 15 de julio de 1991


Lembert Peguero, Luis; Barahona y sus Inquietudes Artísticas y Culturales; Listín Diario; Santo Domingo; 26 de agosto de 1972


Lester, Gene  with Peter Laufer; When Hollywood Was Fun; Robert Hale Ltd. ; London, 1994  (NOTE- text and photos, pages 207-210 - features Maria Montez in a transparent negligee, breasts clearly visible)


LIFE; Latin Ladies Hollywood is invades by Talent Saith of the Rio Grande; February 1941, USA


LIFE; Hay’s Office Cracks Down on Cinemas’s Sweaters; April 14, 1941 and May 5, 1941, USA


LIFE; Maria Montez in Arabian Night, She Does the Dance of the Single Veil; September 28, 1942, USA


LIFE; Hokun in Atlantis; Maria Montez Chines Men Mad in a Hollywood Wonderland; 1948, USA


LIFE; Goes to the Movie Behind the Scenes, the Showcase; Time Life Books; New York, 1975


Los Angeles Examiner; Maria Montez Will Found to Settle $2000, Estate; October 2, 1952


Los Angeles Times; Actor Aumont to Divorce Maria Montez; March 23, 1949, USA


Los Angeles Times; Maria Montez Sues producer Over Contract; February 5, 1948, USA


MacDonald, George Fraser; The Hollywood Histroy of the World; Fawcett Colombine, New York, 1988


Mack Truitt, Evelyn; Who was Who on screen; R. R. Browker Company a Kerox Educative Company, New York, 1974


Mancini, Marie; Based By Maria Montez; A Weekly; April 4, 1948


Marshall, Jim; The Strange Embarrassment of Madame Aumont; Colliers, Ohio; June 28, 1948; USA


Martin, Pete; Dominican Dynamite; the Saturday Evening Post; July 28, 1945; USA


Martin, Pete; Hollywood Without Make-up; J. B. Lippincott Company; Philadelphia, 1948


McCarthy, Julia; Black and White films reveal Montez Flame; Daily News (New York), September 24, 1944


Michael, Paul; The American Movie Reference Book (The Soud Era); Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Englewood Cliffs, New York, 1969


Moix, Terenci; María Montez, La Reina del Technicolor; Nuevo Fotograma; #1.161 (Madrid); Enero 15 de 1971


Moix, Terenci & Perez Arnay, Antony; María Montez, Homenaje; Filmoteca Canaria; 1990


Moix, Terenci; Mis Inmortales del Cine; Editorial Planeta, S. A.; Barcelona; 1992


Montez, Maria; The Man I Love; Photoplay, November 1943; USA


Montez, Maria; Mis Tres Hermanas; Cine Mundial (Madrid) Marzo 1945


Montez, Maria; The Man I; Photoplay, 1946; USA


Montez, Maria; This is Me; Photoplay, page 64, August 1947; USA


Montez, Maria; This is my Husband; Photoplay, August 1947; USA


Montez, Maria; Tells Court About Astrology; Photoplay, June 22, 1950; USA


Mordden, Ethan; The Hollywood Studios; Simon & Schuster (Fireside) New York, 1988


MOVIE STORY; May/1943 M.ROONEY/F.BAINTER Stanwyck, Maria Montez, Mr. Lucky


Newsweek; Cheesecake for the Kiddies; January 24, 1944, USA


Ondines; Letter to an Unknown Woman Namely Jack Smith; Film culture; 1964, USA


Ozz, Lis; Crónica del Siglo XX (Pgs. 685 y 767); Plaza y Jones Editores, S. A.; 1986; España


Ovalles, Rafael; A los 40 Años de su Merte, dominicanos Revivirán a María Montez; El Siglo, Santo Domingo; 18 de septiembre de 1991, República Dominicana


Parish, James Robert; Hollywood’s Great Love Teams; Arlington House Publishers, New York, 1974


Parish, James Robert & Stanke, Don E.; The Glamour Girls; Arlington House Publishers; New Rochella, New York, 1975


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Parson, Lowella O.; Recovering; Los Angeles Examiner; July 2, 1945; USA


Parson, Lowella O.; In Hollywood; Los Angeles Examiner; February 8, 1948; USA


Parson, Lowella O.; Maria Montez to we Clouzot, Paris Report; Los Angeles Examiner; March 23, 1949; USA


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SILVER SCREEN Nov/1947: HAYWORTH, Aumont/Montez, Crawford, Flynn, Lucy, Cagney,Parks


Schatz, Thomas; The Genius of the System; Pantheon Books, New York, 1968


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Scott, Dianne; Mythical Maria; Photoplay; January 1, 1946, USA


Sholsky, Sidney; Puts Her Best Points Forward; Hollywood Tintype; Citizen News; May 25, 1944, USA


Smith, Jack; The Perfect Film Oppositeness of Maria Montez; Film Culture #27; Winter 1962/1963, USA


Smith, Jack; The Memoirs of Maria Montez; Film Culture #31; Winter 1963/1964, USA


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Suro, Federico; Nuestra María Montez; (Ventana) Listín Diario; Santo Domingo; 31 de marzo de 1992


Tavel, Ronald; Maria Montez: Anima of an Antidiluvian World ( part of the book, Jack Smith: Flaming Creature - His Amazing Life and Times); A Lookout Book - The Institute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1; New York, 1997  (NOTE- pages 88-105 include above mentioned essay by Ronald Tavel, as well as many photos of Montez. This was published in conjunction with the Important Jack Smith exhibition at P.S. 1 - Museum of Modern Art, New York, which included a great deal of Maria Montez memorabilia)


The Chicago Tribune; Mighty Montez; February 13, 1944, USA


The New York Times; Film Reviews 1913-1968, Vol. 6; The New York times $ Arno Press N.Y., 1970, USA


The Philadelphia Inquirer; The Life Story of Maria Montez; Amusements Stage, Screen and Music; December 7, 1947, USA


Thomas, Tony & Solomon, Aubrey; The Film of 20th Century Fox; The Citadel press, Syracuse, New York, 1985


TIME; Dreams End, Actor Aumont to Divorce Maria Montez; May 24, 1949; USA


TIME; End of the Road (Jean Roy); November 26, 1956; USA


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Vasquez, Segundo A.; María Montrez, Objeto de Numerosos Homenajes en los Ultimos Años Aún no Ha Recibido Ninguno en su Tierra Natal; Hoy (Santo Domingo), 27 septiembre 1991


VARIETY; Tina Marquand Tesis for Roles at 20th; December 14, 1964, USA


Vermitye, Lerry; María Montez; Screen Facts, #13 vol 3, #1 (Pages 1-27) 1966 USA


Vincens de Morales, Margarita; Hace 65 años. . . Nació María Montez, Estrella Dominicana y Mundial; Suplemento del Listín Diario (Sto. Domingo) 4 junio 1977


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Vincens de Morales, Margarita; Los Sueños Me Guiaron por el Camino de la Fama: Expresaba María Montez; Suplemento del Listín Diario (Sto. Domingo) 1 septiembre 1984


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Vincens de Morales, Margarita; María Montez en Festival de Cine en New York; Escala del Listín Diario (Sto. Domingo) 20 octubre 1991


Vincens de Morales, Margarita; María Montez en dos Películas Reestrenadas en Estados Unidos; Hoy (Sto. Domingo) 4 noviembre 1991


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Well, Troddi Path; Bowery to Broadway; NewsWeek; November 13, 1944, USA


Willis, John; Aumont: Screen World; Grawn Publishers, Inc., 1975, USA


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